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Store and livestream your drone videos with the AD Cloud

A dedicated module for your drone videos

Video capture is by far the primary data return from most drone operations. With a variety of sensors providing optical, thermal/IR and night vision capabilities, drone videos are being generated at an ever-increasing rate.

The AD Cloud Video module provides features that allow drone operators to get the most from their video data.

Storage and real-time streaming, with analytics tailored for optical, night vision and IR formats, along with AI based image recognition and real-time alerts. Specialized features available as add-ons for professional videographers and live event coverage.


Store drone videos on the cloud

AD Cloud has launched a media center similar to YouTube that allows customers to upload their drone videos and share them with other users.

This media outlet exclusively for drone footage is free to use for a limited time. Video files up to 4 TB can be uploaded.

Livestream your drone videos

Have your drones stream video and telemetry data to AD Mobile Command Centers, which relay the data in real-time to the AD Cloud.

AD Cloud’s video servers allow authorized users to view the livestreams on any device. Telemetry data also becomes available from the web-based universal dashboard.


Store high resolution 4K/8K videos

Although real-time access for 4K/8K video is not possible at present, customers can still upload their high resolution footage to the AD Cloud.

Upon landing, drones transmit the footage to AD’s Mobile Command Centers for cloud deployment.

Launching 2020

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