A smart cloud
for autonomous machines


Medical delivery

A high-profile public safety application, AD is partnering with Vyrtx to establish an organ delivery framework using autonomous, cloud-controlled UAVs.

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UAVs and GuardBots

In partnership with GuardBot, AD is testing scenarios where aerial/ground interaction between autonomous machines can solve challenging problems.

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Drones and manufacturing

Redefining drones with the AD cloud and AI. Incubation, systems integration, cell based manufacturing and MRO with full spectrum hardware capabilities.

Aquiline Drones

Why AD

A smart, hybrid cloud built specifically for autonomous machine deployments. With specialized algorithms, the AD Cloud delivers business value in real time.

Benefits of AD Cloud



AD Cloud   |  Video

Store and livestream your videos

The AD Cloud offers video solutions specific to UAVs. Integrate your drone with the AD Cloud and livestream your videos. Upload your video files to the AD Cloud and access them anywhere – from any device.

AD Cloud   |  Command and Control (C2)

Fly drones autonomously

AD Cloud’s Command and control (C2) allows users to select hardware, specify a flight plan and submit applicable authorizations, flight schedules. Most significantly, drone inflight control allows for completely autonomous missions.

Modules under development

AD Cloud | Analytics

Gain insights from your drone data

AD Cloud provides analytics on terrain, flight and video data using advanced algorithms tailored to gather insights for your business.


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AD Cloud | Advanced

Advanced services

Swarm deployments, digital twins and blockchain for premier missions with enterprise asset management capabilities.


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Modules start launching in 2020

AD Cloud

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