Gain insights in real-time from your data with smart analytics

Algorithms empower decision making

UAVs predominantly utilize passive sensors during operations. These sensors pick up huge amounts of data given their mobility. All this data can be analyzed using specialized algorithms and AI driven features to glean real-time insights.

In fact, UAV operations only make business sense when they do something useful. Their value proposition is thus brought to the forefront with the use of advanced analytics. The first of its kind, the AD Cloud in this crucial sense, is a smart cloud for UAVs.


Terrain modeling

UAV sensor data and external data can be leveraged to produce a 3D model of a physical region. Actual video footage from the UAV can be utilized for map overlays – providing deeper insights. Telemetry data can also be used to construct terrain elevation models.

As the AD Cloud evolves, terrain modeling will become even more sophisticated.

Image recognition

Video data from optical and thermal cameras can be analyzed in near real-time in an automated manner. This is paramount for security, surveillance, inspection and surveying missions.

Advanced algorithms, including AI-based frameworks can help scan the visuals for anomalies, providing alerts to human operators via the cloud.

Launching 2021

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