Command and control

Fly drones autonomously with the AD Cloud

A complete flight control and traffic management system

The Command and Control (C2) module provides plug and play capabilities for autonomous drone operations. Powerful cloud based features along with AD's mission control infrastructure make it possible for 'hands-free' drone operations on an ongoing basis – at the touch of a button.

C2 features a core set of capabilities, along with enterprise add-ons that are essential for large scale and complex operations.


Mission planning

AD Cloud’s Command and control (C2) allows users to select hardware and specify a flight plan to set up a drone mission. The smart algorithms prompt operators to submit any applicable authorizations and enter a flight schedule.

The mission is confirmed by the system – or adjustments made as needed. The operator is notified as the mission is initialized and completed.

Flight control

A core AD Cloud module. Full autonomous flight control for drones with differing capabilities for Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS) and Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight BVLOS missions.

Secure, aviation compliant auto-pilot and air-traffic control software safely guides the autonomous flight from take-off to landing. The framework is designed with redundancy and safety in mind.


Fleet management

Manage a large number of drones using the fleet management module.

With an easy to access view of active, operating and in-maintenance hardware, customers can get detailed information and insights on the health of their fleet, which can improve ROI and minimize downtime.

Launching 2020

AD Cloud | C2

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