Advanced services

Complex, large-scale enterprise capabilities for UAV missions

Turn-key solutions with advanced capabilities

New solutions available for specialized use cases. AD Cloud powers autonomous UAV solutions for a myriad of applications such as medical delivery, perimeter security, asset inspection and more.


Swarm missions

AD Cloud’s autonomous command and control module (C2) allows for close formation flights. Such ‘swarm’ missions are designed specifically for customer requirements on a case by case basis.

Possible applications include disaster response, fire-fighting, defense applications and entertainment displays.

Digital twins

Every drone connected to the AD Cloud is backed by a digital twin.

A digital twin is a data-driven, digital construct of a physical device (or environment). Both the digital and physical versions are in 100% sync of each other – meaning any changes in one are automatically reflected in the other.

Suitable for large-scale, enterprise deployments, digital twins offer deep insights and management capabilities.


Blockchain logistics

Active UAV missions – that is, drones that are delivering something physical are an important part of the supply chain and logistics framework. These arenas are exceedingly complex and generally lack transparency.

Blockchain is a distributed, digital ledger and can be used for tracking deliveries. This aspect makes it highly transparent. It’s also very secure. AD Cloud provides blockchain services for critical delivery missions.

Mission collaboration

On the AD Cloud, a UAV mission initiated by an authorized user can be ‘shared’ with another user with any desired level of access.

By allowing collaboration in this manner, large scale deployments can have specialized mission planners and operators. A mission can also be handed over in real-time to a more experienced operator if the need arises.


Launching 2021

AD Cloud | Advanced services

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